Generic Art Solutions
Face Value : The Illusions of Power and Money

Digital 3d work comissioned by Generic Art Solutions  for their exhibiton Face Value : The Illusions of Power and Money.
Currently showing at the New Orleans Old Us Mint and Jazz Museum
Nov 7th - Jan 31st 2022

Presence/Absence, solo thesis exhibit at UNO Gallery on St Claude, New Orleans, LA. After a year of postponement due to COVID-19 opening: 

June 12th, 2021 through July 4th, 2021

2429 St Claude Ave

Gallery hours: Saturday/Sunday noon - 5pm

Presence/Absence acknowledges the impact of interpersonal relationships. Through the lens of digital 3D scaning I am looking at instances of relating within the limitless void of digital space and in states of digital deconstruction to observe more essentially, what complexity and familiarity persists. In turn, I aim to explore the autonomous, visceral visual language of relating to look more essentially at its impact.